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March 23rd, 2006 · 1 Comment

InfoTech: 2009 technology buying guide
Jan 1, 2009
By: Tyler Whitaker
A collection of some cool high-tech toys to start the new year.

InfoTech: Is Obama the tech president?
Dec 1, 2008
By: Tyler Whitaker
It’s now time to buckle down and understand what changes for technology are coming during the next four years.

InfoTech: TV ads fight for eyes and ears
Nov 1, 2008
By: Tyler Whitaker
This expanded choice of programming reduces the effectiveness of commercials on local TV stations.

InfoTech: Candid camera handy
Sep 1, 2008
By: Tyler Whitaker
Corporate video blogging is the latest method to grab the attention of both employees and customers.

InfoTech: Check into hosted services
Aug 1, 2008
By: Tyler Whitaker
Outsourcing your technology needs to the right providers enables you to focus on growing your core business.

InfoTech: New handheld technology
Jul 1, 2008
By: Tyler Whitaker
Consider using the latest and greatest mobile phone technology as a strategic competitive differentiator.

InfoTech: Green tech for summer
Jun 1, 2008
By: Tyler Whitaker
“Green Technology goes mainstream — driving the development of better, less-costly solutions.”

InfoTech: Free online marketing
May 1, 2008
By: Tyler Whitaker
Create special landing pages on your site for other Web sites you are test marketing.

InfoTech: Buy the right technology
Apr 1, 2008
By: Tyler Whitaker
When it comes to the latest and greatest technology, take a calculated risk only when your business can achieve a strategic advantage.

InfoTech: Spring cleaning time
Mar 1, 2008
By: Tyler Whitaker
Just like your garage or attic, give your computer systems a good spring cleaning.

Tips to increase productivity
Feb 1, 2008
By: Tyler Whitaker
With the inforamtion age in full swing, one of the biggest productivity problems we have as professionals is too much information

InfoTech: Tech for reaching ’08 goals
Jan 1, 2008
By: Tyler Whitaker
Make this the year that you achieve your goals.Just remember that a little technology used inthe right way can make all of the difference.

InfoTech: Hot holiday tech
Dec 1, 2007
By: Tyler Whitaker
The team that can have fun together is more equipped to overcome tough challenges.

InfoTech: Now starring on YouTube…
Nov 1, 2007
By: Tyler Whitaker
If creating and starring in your company’s next commercial is a little daunting, you might consider starting your own corporate podcast.

4 valuable tech budget tips
Oct 1, 2007
By: Tyler Whitaker
You should be planning to replace roughly one third of your company’s computers and technology each year.

InfoTech: Safeguarding your secrets
Sep 1, 2007
By: Tyler Whitaker
Data encryption technologies once reserved for government agencies can now protect your data, too.

InfoTech: Cool gadgets for summer
Aug 1, 2007
By: Tyler Whitaker
When it comes to gadgets, the first thing to remember is not to break the bank.

InfoTech: Internet for road warriors
Jul 1, 2007
By: Tyler Whitaker
The cell phone companies have finally built out their 3G wireless data networks to the point that having “everywhere” Internet access is a real possibility.

InfoTech: Is Linux right for you?
Jun 1, 2007
By: Tyler Whitaker
Linux has a lot of good things going for it. But when it comes down to making a decision for your office there are several things to consider.

InfoTech: Networking on the ‘Net
May 1, 2007
By: Tyler Whitaker
Anything that makes it easier to set up meetings is a good thing

InfoTech: Become a spam fighter
Apr 1, 2007
By: Tyler Whitaker
Purveyors of junk email know that even though most people hate spam, a small percentage click on the links and buy the products being sold

InfoTech: A view to Windows Vista
Mar 1, 2007
By: Tyler Whitaker
New operating systems and software are more stable after the first set of bugs are found and fixed.

InfoTech: Voice over IP 101
Feb 1, 2007
By: Tyler Whitaker
VoIP is a technology that allows you to convert your voice into data packets and send it over your Internet connection.

InfoTech: Cool gadgets to check out
Jan 1, 2007
By: Tyler Whitaker
You’ve got a lot on your mind plannin out the coming season, so indulge yourself a little bit with these nifty toys.

InfoTech: 5 great tech budget savers
Nov 1, 2006
By: Tyler Whitaker
Investing in technology wisely will lead to simplified operations, reduced staff and a better bottom line.

InfoTech: Tech tips to speed sales
Oct 1, 2006
By: Tyler Whitaker
I used to spend hours printing out mailers, folding, stapling and collating. Not anymore.

InfoTech: Back-to-school tech list
Sep 1, 2006
By: Tyler Whitaker
Whether it’s the summertime blues or back-to-school depression, fight back with some cool technology. This list should keep you busy until Christmas.

InfoTech: Fill your site with info, fun (Websites Part 2)
August 1, 2006
By: Tyler Whitaker
Driving customers to your Web site is the first step. But what happens next? Do they bounce off or do they linger, explore and spend money?

InfoTech: Safeguard your licenses
July 1, 2006
By: Tyler Whitaker
The license is more valuable than the software CD. Without the legal license to run the software, your CD is useless.

InfoTech: Websites (Part 1)
June 1, 2006
By: Tyler Whitaker
Your Web site works night and day, weekends and holidays.

InfoTech: Suggestions for Managing Your Inbox
May 1, 2006
By: Tyler Whitaker
Tame your e-mail inbox.

InfoTech: Rotating Computer Hardware.
April 1, 2006
By: Tyler Whitaker
If you haven’t heard of the “waterfall process” for upgrading your computer system, read this.

InfoTech: Logical technology
March 1, 2006
By: Tyler Whitaker
Technology is built on logic. Problems with technology have logical answers.

InfoTech: Blogging
February 1, 2006
By: Tyler Whitaker
The Web, with all of its vast information and great searching capabilities, is now putting the power to publish in everyone’s hands.

InfoTech: Have a tech-filled New Year
January 1, 2006
By: Tyler Whitaker
Cool technology can be fun, but technology that has the power to change your business is where the fun really starts.

InfoTech: Put your tech house in order
November 1, 2005
By: Tyler Whitaker
Developing a healthy technology department will improve your options when selling your business.

InfoTech: What if disaster strikes?
October 1, 2005
By: Tyler Whitaker
Spend some money on your own brand of disaster recovery insurance.

InfoTech: Protect your critical info
September 1, 2005
By: Tyler Whitaker
Who has access to your critical company information? Guard it because it’s the life blood of your company.

InfoTech: Training for office systems
August 1, 2005
By: Tyler Whitaker
If your service manager thinks a keyboard is where you keep the keys to the John Deere, you might have a training problem.

InfoTech: Lower total cost of ownership
July 1, 2005
By: Tyler Whitaker
Evaluate all hidden costs before purchasing software.

InfoTech: Why offices need systems
June 1, 2005
By: Tyler Whitaker
Streamline your personnel and office procedures first, then add technology for automation.

InfoTech: Tech tools you can afford
May 1, 2005
By: Tyler Whitaker
Yesterday’s exotic high-tech tools are now affordable and can help you be more efficient.

InfoTech: Streamline customer contact
Apr 1, 2005
By: Tyler Whitaker
A CRM database can help you track everything from phone calls to sales orders to customer service requests.

InfoTech: Defeating spam and worse
Mar 1, 2005
By: Tyler Whitaker
Take computer security seriously. These problems can be beat if you take action before they becom unmanageable.

InfoTech: Hiring a technology advisor: Add a ‘techie’ to your team
Feb 1, 2005
By: Tyler Whitaker
With technology changing daily, business owners are realizing the need to add a technology person to their list of trusted advisors.

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