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SocialPaywall.com and the Kynetx Platform

February 15th, 2010 · No Comments

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a fun stealth project. And now it’s time to open it up to a little wider beta audience. So, I’m now introducing….

SocialPaywall.com - Get paid for your Premium Content

SocialPaywall.com - Get paid for your Premium Content

What is SocialPaywall.com?

We all love social media, social networking, facebooking, myspacing, etc. We build followers and friends though sharing links, videos, coupon codes, and other electronic content. Up until now, only the social networking websites see any kind on financial benefit from all of your hard work. SocialPaywall.com is an online service that allows you to create that same content, publish it through your social networks, and  make money by selling subscriptions.

How does it work?

With SocialPaywall.com you can save your “Premium” links, coupon codes, video podcasts behind an electronic toll booth or paywall. Then you share a brief description and link to that content on all off your favorite social networking websites. Your friends and followers click the link and are directed to a page allowing them to pay to see your premium content.

Example SocialPaywall links

Example SocialPaywall links

Here’s the Kicker

We’ve created a browser extension that allows your followers to view your Premium content directly in several of the most popular social websites. Namely twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr, and myspace. Once you have installed the extension you can subscribe & view content directly on the websites you frequent on a daily basis with no need to go to socialpaywall.com. This is the game changer. Imagine the ecommerce possibilities that are now open to you on several of the most popular websites on the Intenet today.

Example SocialPaywall Subscriptions

Example SocialPaywall Subscriptions

Viewing socialpaywall.com content directly in twitter.

Viewing socialpaywall.com content directly in twitter.

We’re in Beta

We’re still pretty early in the beta, so be warned. Also take notice that the financial transactions are all simulated at the moment. We want you to play with service and explore it’s uses without the hesitation of real money changing hands. As we get closer to an official launch we will turn on the payment system. So for now spend all of the “fake” money you want.

So Sign Up and Have Fun

To get started, go to http://www.socialpaywall.com. Create an account with your Google ID. Create some “Premium Content” by sharing your favorite recipe, selling a coupon code, publish a youtube video. Then share your content through your social networks. To see some examples follow us on twitter (@socialpaywall).

A big thank you goes out to Kynetx. They have a great technology platform that we have used to let  you to view SocialPaywall content directly on your favorite social networking websites. So sign up at socialpaywall.com and install our browser extension.

Here is an example of SocialPaywall.com in action.

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